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Complaining? Why, sublingua never complains!
Friday, Jun. 21, 2002

Do you ever have those days? You know the ones, the ones, the ones that you carry around the chains and the concrete bricks so that if one more thing goes wrong you can just padlock a couple of those bad boys around your neck and throw yourself in the nearest large body of water?

That's my day. Was up all night studying for an organic quiz (five pages of reactions in 20 minutes? Quiz, my ass) which I passed--maybe. Maybe I passed it. My study buddy Tracy calls them "soul crushers" instead of quizzes and she's a chemist. That's how bad they are.

Then, well, the labwork is going okay, but I want out. I have worked so many hours this week, all I have seen is the inside of the lab. Yesterday, I stood plastered to the window watching the rain, wanting to be out in the rain which hasn't come to visit in a long, long time. And I was like the bad kid who gets to stay inside during recess and can't do a damn thing about it and all her friends are running like maniacs around the playground playing red-rover, red-rover, let sublingua come over, and I'm inside, stuck to a window.

Also, I had to bring the group of brown kids and the mean old white lady who thinks she runs the life of the brown kids (the program that pays my tuition and stipend) around to my lab this morning. Morning is not a good time for this bit of interruption as everyone--all twelve of us-are usually working like mad in the am. So bringing six brown kids and one mean old white lady through is not so conducive to labwork. And then I got to go see other labs. Wow. Anyway, my "presentation" was crap, considering that I was trying to rush people through and let my labmates get back to work.

I have nine minutes and then I have to go and run a gel. I'm therefore stuck her for at least another two hours. It's friday. My weekend offers no relief.

retreat or surrender

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