The heart with a mind of its own.

(Be present.)

The mind with a heart of its own.

(It's past.)

The dream that is your waking life.

(Go there now.)

What we've been doing
Sunday, Jul. 21, 2002

Today we slept like cats all morning and afternoon, finally waking to greet the day at 4:00, something which we haven't done in very many years.

We've been watching a fair number of movies lately, Max and I. In the last week, we've seen The Road to Perdition, SpiderMan, Minority Report, and Undercover Brother in the theater. We've rented Memento, The Vagina Monologues, Fritz the Cat, Bringing Out the Dead, MST3K: The Movie, Onibaba, Ghost Town, and Billy Elliot.

We've both been running away, taking long drives together all over the state, hours in the car while welcome rain pelted down.

I've felt like running away, leaving the state, leaving the country, leaving the planet. Thoughts of death and suicide have played like shadows at the edges of my mind. I am afraid of falling in.

retreat or surrender

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