The heart with a mind of its own.

(Be present.)

The mind with a heart of its own.

(It's past.)

The dream that is your waking life.

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Your Tolerance Is Nothing More than Privilege
Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009

A disgusting fight with Da tonight in the car on the way home from the studio (at which I am persona non grata) about Ka and her habit of emotional blackmail. I said I hated when people act as she does and Da said, "I guess I'm just more tolerant." And I finally--finally!--got to make the point that, no, he's not more tolerant, he's more privileged in that unlike me (and all women), he gets to ignore the emotional subtext and consequences of most situations. He finally saw in his blind, limited way, that his "tolerance" is nothing more than his white, male privilege at play. And that by saying that he's more "tolerant" he is allowed to claim some moral superiority to me.

In fact, I am more tolerant by sheer practice of shedding the emotional aspect of those interactions. Having survived them and learned from them and then shed them.

He's struggling with his Mi addiction and his slimy, slug-like vulnerability is ugly and distasteful to me.

retreat or surrender

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