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The mind with a heart of its own.

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Dinner at Ka's
Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009

Just got back from a dinner-ish party with some of Da's friend-ish coworkers.

The participants:

Ka.: She was the hostess. A dark-haired, Rubenesque, middle-aged woman from NJ, I think, relocated here. Divorced. She has a daughter who is grown, a nurse, who doesn't really respect her. She feigns a kind of shyness that makes me a bit exasperated.

Lo.: Again, middle-aged, perhaps not so much Rubenesque as just chubby, gray hair, married. Married to K. (who did not attend). Boring as hell, generally. Very insecure, like a large, overly friendly dog.

Pa. : A few years younger than me. Long red-hair, plain face, thin. Very little personality beyond a kind of robotic...what? Very fond of trivia and cars.

Co.: My age. Newly wed to Yu (see below). Blonde, zaftig, smart. Something keeps me from liking her too much, which is fine as I would rather keep people at arm's length.

Yu.: Co's new husband. Dark curly hair, dark eyes, in need of a shave. Very tall, solidly built. Muslim, but not too traditional. Makes too much eye-contact with me. Full body hug each time he greets or parts from me; Not unpleasant.

Mi: Da's crush. 45 years old. Shaved head, goatee, Doc Martens. That guy. Boring; a bit transparent. Wears his heart on his sleeve.

Me.: Of course. Too much makeup or not enough makeup. Shirt too low cut, too much cleavage. All mouth; fancying myself a wit. Talking too much and too loudly.

Da.: Pleased to sit all night next to Mi on the loveseat. (Mi is straight, unfortunately--though I have my doubts always.) Trying to cover up all hints of non-bro sentiment. Sad to me, an observer.

I don't necessarily care about any of these people, which is not something I think too much about.

I ate too much cheese. I try not to sound as snobby as MFK Fisher. But I am.

retreat or surrender

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