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Two shitty people
Tuesday, Nov. 05, 2002

Shitty person number one is the insufferable know-it-all at the studio who had to remind me that her pieces shouldn’t be hung so that they extended into the aisle. Mind you, these are pieces that have been in the studio for over a year—through three sales—and which have not sold because they are butt ugly. Literally pieces of crap. Raku’d crap, no less. She didn’t care that I had moved them, she said, she just didn’t want them to hang into the aisle because they might get broken. I explained very sweetly that a gallery owner had wanted to come in to look at some of my wall art and Jennifer’s too so I had moved hers so that I might put some nice things up for said gallery owner. Then I went to look at her pieces, and they were hanging over the edge of the pegboard wall, but the half-inch or so of the one piece that was hanging over was in front of a fucking shelf. And unless people are now capable of walking through wood, there is no chance that her shitty overpriced work is in danger, lucky for all us art lovers out there.

Shitty person number two was this guy in my writing class. This idiot wrote a story about Ned—suicidal, atheist, ex-Vietnam veteran—who regains his faith in god after helping a spunky eight-year-old girl named Casey land a plane. Her father’s been stung by a bee and has passed out, you see. Anyway, tonight during workshop we were talking about a story that I happen to’ve loved—probably the only well written story produced in class so far (besides my own, of course) and this idiot says that he found the point of view confusing. I asked what about the point of view was confusing and he answers back all pissy-like that he just found it confusing, and if I didn’t then it was just a matter of opinion. And I was, like, hey, cool the fuck down, idiot. I’m sorry I didn’t believe your pat little story about how easy it is to regain one’s faith in god via a spunky kid, but don’t take it personally. No one else believed it either. Get over it.

retreat or surrender

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