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Half-Assed Update
Friday, Jun. 14, 2002

It has been a strange week.

I've been sort of drowning in school this week in between spending time with Sophistica and working. At the beginning of the week, Zaphod and I sent off a package that was the culmination of a couple of weeks of hard work and which contained less that a gram of protein. Much less than a gram. Then, there has been much time off.

Meanwhile, Soph has been plotting her escape to grad school and this has been accompanied by the usual mixture of elation and fear. Dealing with her has been fine, but I'm sort of trying to spend a lot of time with her now because I know that in a month, there won't be everyday coffee and thai dinners, and I'm going to miss that. So, we've been spending a bit of time together, hanging out in various coffee houses (she journals, I study chemistry like mad), or eating dinner with various people in various places. (Last night was Chris, which was a bit strange--not Chris, I mean, but the whole Chris-Sophistica thing which was kind of like when a character from one TV show goes onto another TV show--or, like when Nancy Reagan was on "Diff'rent Strokes." Surreal. We went for Indian food.

Other than that, I'm all about organic chemistry. I dropped the calculus class, as I was studying 4-5 hours/day (+ 1 hour for lecture) for chem (about what is recommended to pass the course, which I am not quite managing to do at this point), and if you add 8-12 hours of labwork/day into the equation (and no, the 12 hours is not all that unusual), and 8 hours of sleep, there is really only like 0-4 hours/day to try to eat, travel, zone out/reestablish sanity. Clearly, that was wasn't going to work if I had to toss another 4-5 hours/day just to keep my grade in calc hovering around an F+.

So, pathetically, I had to admit defeat and drop the class.

Now, I took the day off, and things are moving relatively slowly. I was up half the night studying for an o-chem "quiz" (=a six page brain-crushing test), and then went to lecture and then took the quiz and then took Soph to the airport and then went and picked up Max and then came home and had a sandwich.

Right this moment, I'm all about a nap.

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