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Friday, May. 31, 2002

So we're trying to economize, right? So last night Sophistica suggested a dollar movie (now a dollar and a half movie, but it's easier to say "dollar movie" than it is to say "dollar and a half movie"). That sounded good. A dollar and a half (times two=$3) and some cheap chinese for dinner. That would be a cheap evening out anyway.

So it gets time to hook up with Soph, and I'm exhausted. Dead tired. We're at the studio, so I suggest to M that we stop for a coffee (otherwise I'm not going to make it through the evening and I've already both promised Soph and bailed on her twice before). So we stop at Starbucks and have some nine dollar coffee while we wait for Soph. Instead of Chinese, she suggests that we just cross the street to this small Italian place. In my head, the price of dinner jumps from $6 to $9 bucks apiece, but that's not too bad, so I agree. We cross the street, but the place is packed. Soph suggests that we cross the street again to the sushi place. I agree without thinking of the price, because I love sushi with a passion. We ate a vegetable tempura dinner for an appetizer, M and Soph each had two green chili hand rolls ($4.50 each) and split an avacado roll ($4). I had tuna (maguro, $3.50), salmon (sake, $3.50), eel (unagi, $3.75), and sea urchin roe (uni, $6.50). We all had tea. When the bill came, it was $52 and change, and we left an $8 tip and so that was only $20 dollars per person. Economy, people. That's our subject today.

We have about half an hour until the movie starts, so we drive over to the theater which, as usual, is packed with teens and preteens in various stages of undress (when did I get to be so old that I am offended by twelve year olds who look like hookers? We're talkin' Jody Foster in Taxi Driver here). We had planned to see Resident Evil, but M noticed that we were in time to see Monsters,Inc. if we wanted to. They left it up to me because--and I chose Monsters, Inc. because I love me a cartoon. ($1.50 x 3(yes, we paid for Soph) = $4.50) The movie was pretty funny. It was a lot funnier than Ice Age, which was mostly just funny in a way that you had to look really hard for. But we enjoyed it. And we enjoyed our two large cokes ($3.25 x 2) and our vat of popcorn ($3.75).

And now let's do the math for our economy evening out:

$9 + $60 + $4.50 + $10.25 - $20 (Soph's contribution to dinner) = $63.75

With nights like this I don't know how we're ever going to make it if M. goes back to school.

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