The heart with a mind of its own.

(Be present.)

The mind with a heart of its own.

(It's past.)

The dream that is your waking life.

(Go there now.)

Who loves you, baby?
Wednesday, May. 15, 2002

Early coffee with Sophistica yesterday after which we stood outside the biology building and laughed about her new love's (untouchable by marriage) sensitivity: his knowledge of literature by Gertrude Stein, his having designed and cast his wedding rings himself, etc., which we then began to add to: His knitting sweaters in his spare time for Nepalese homeless children; His translating Ionesco plays and then illustrating them with woodblock prints; His single-handedly clearing of the minefields in VietNam and then creating artificial limbs and art installations at the Met from the scavenged mines, etc. (You know, writing that, it seems more sad than funny, but if you knew the guy and knew how Soph is agonizing over him, you'd have to find something to laugh at as well).

Later coffee with Soph in the afternoon at SophIICoffeehouse, where we ran into said Loverboy who sat with us for a while and had a soy chai and talked about his wanting to own a red velvet single-breasted suit and who mentioned wanting to start reading War & Peace this weekend and who left us finally with the intention of going home to listen to some John Coltrane. (SEE?!) Were joined finally by Max, called MayFlower.

Dinner last night with Sophistica and her brother, who she affectionately refers to as "The Boy" and so I shall here, MayFlower and the Enforcer, and Max. (On Friday, MayFlower leaves for the Galapagos Islands. How cool is that?) The Boy is rather hilarious, and the Enforcer can be as well, but sometimes you know how when you get two people like this in a room together how it can blow up in your face and so on? Well, that didn't happen last night. The Boy told a story about trying to use watered down toothpaste (which he had blenderized with water) to clean ink off a pair of his work pants only to find that it hadn't worked. Then, he was left with half a blender full of watered down toothpaste which he decided to drink after adding some orange juice. His comment, "It burned!" Max commented, "And then all your bones started to melt." (Refering to fluoride's ability to dissolve and weaken bone.) The Enforcer took up the theme and started acting out and narrating the things that then might cause The Boy to end up with horribly ruined limbs--things like opening a jar of mayo and ending up with the twisted wreckage of fingers. Later, Enforcer started to recount the storylines of several Bugs Bunny cartoons (something which I found particularly funny) and commented, "Bugs Bunny had no concern for anyone's safety--but what's even crazier is that he had no concern for HIS OWN safety." To which I replied, "That's how the Chinese in the lab see me!" I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt for hours.

I love these people.

retreat or surrender

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