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Triple Skim Latte and the Morning Omen
Monday, May. 13, 2002

So, the day began with an omen: A bird landed in the street in front of the car and I began to slow down. Normally, when M and I see a bird in the street who seems relatively unconcerned about the giant metal object coming towards it, we joke about it being a "city boid," and laugh a bit. But this bird--this bird was more about making its presence known. We saw it, I slowed the car, it hopped once or twice and then flew away, all of which prompted me to say to M, "You know, that was an omen." And M, who is normally fairly unable to see these things much less interpret them, said, "Of obstacles which seem like they're going to slow you down, but then get out of your way?"


Only, I don't know if it was "my" omen or if I am the bird in someone else's omen:

After leaving M at work, I had to stop at the lab and pick up my radiation safety manual. It was fairly early--about 8:20. Normally the Chinese don't show until 9:00, but this morning there was a woman (not one of my labmates) sitting on the desk just outside the lab. I didn't know her, but I smiled and said good morning, and opened the door, closing it behind me, but not locking it, and not turning on the lights as I was only going to grab my manual, and the windows let in enough light to allow me to do this. As I was at my desk, digging amongst my usual mess, the door opened and the lights went on and I heard one of my labmates speaking in Chinese to the young woman. I found my manual and headed for the door where I met L., the young Chinese man who reminds me always of Paul McCartney circa 1964, who says to me, "We have no key!" and I said, "Oh no!" and laughed, and kept on my way, propelled forward by the thought that there was just enough time to stop for a triple skim latte before having to be at the radiation safety class at 9:00am. (Reading over that bit, I don't have to wonder why my labmates consider me strange...)

I don't think it could have been an omen directed at me:

I got to the Safety, Health and Environmental Agency offices where my radiation safety class was to be held only to be told by the receptionist that she thought the class had been cancelled. She suggested that I speak to the man who is in charge of the classes (who I was dreading seeing, as he lent me the above mentioned safety manual six months ago with the understanding that I was going to take the class within a couple of weeks). I headed into his office, but thankfully, he wasn't in. I came back out into the reception area, and mentioned this to the receptionist, only to hear again that she thought the class was cancelled. At this point, I thought, yeah, this day is over, so instead of returning to the lab to work, I came home for a nap.

Was I the bird in someone else's omen, or was the omen not true, or did I neglect to carry through action-wise with the correct interpretation of the omen, or did I incorrectly interpret the omen in the first place?

At least I got my latte...

retreat or surrender

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