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A typical day.
Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2002

Today I finally left the house.

I went to class (Japanese Lit.) where we watched "Ugetsu" the film based on some stories we read from "Ugetsu Monogatari." It's a really wonderful Japanese ghost story set in the 16th century and if you haven't seen it, you should get up from the computer and go to your nearest cool video store and rent it. Right now. Go. I'll be here when you get back.

After, I called Sophistica who was in the escape pods writing a letter to the head of the department about why she was choosing not to formally press sexual harrassment charges against this idiot who is, well, an idiot. She is, with justification, afraid for her safety. It turns out that this guy has been fired from other places but no one has ever done anything about it before. Soph is not only afraid for her safety, but she is graduating in six weeks and doesn't want to stick around and deal with the whole scene. The dept. head to whom Soph spoke told her that she had a "moral obligation" to press charges, and Soph was like, "Screw you and your moral obligation. You can't protect me from this guy and you know it."

Anyway, I spent several coffee house hours with Soph, talking about this and other stuff and then M. and I took her out for dinner (Thai) and for ice cream (Baskin-Robbins). I think she doesn't really have very many people to talk to about this. She's in that mode where the formal criminal charges that she's pursuing against the guy have, at this point, to be revealed to anyone, so she can't really say much to people in general. The formal charges stem from a theft which this idiot also committed in the workplace. He's a real piece of work, I tell you, and he knows how to work the system so that he has everyone feeling sorry for him, so that, in the past, he's gotten away with murder by handing people a sob story about how hard his life's been. So, I'm glad that Soph's going after the criminal charges even if that means that she has to let the sexual harassment charges go.

In other news...

Okay, well, there is no other news. My day was pretty much Soph, Japanese ghost stories, coffee house coffee, Thai food and ice cream. A typical day.

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