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Doppelganger's Fortune
Sunday, Mar. 03, 2002

Yesterday was the kind of day when I thought I was going to have to start carrying around my antidepressant in a Pez dispenser so that I could be having the kinds of discussions I was having and just pull out my WonderWoman Pez dispenser and pop a couple Zoloft in my mouth. It was a really quixotic day, and I have no idea what that means.

We had to take Doppleganger to the vet. His eye had been watering for a couple of days, and it's been windy, so we assumed something had blown into his eye and he was tearing up to get it out. His eye didn't seem tender and he wasn't protecting it when I went to pet him, so we assumed everything was okay--That is, until yesterday, when he came in and looked up and me and the light caught his eye and I could see this big bloody looking spot inside his eye. So I called M. over and showed him, and he was on the phone to the vet a minute later, and then we were in the vet's office an hour later and then we were a hundred dollars more broke than we had been before because Doppie has some kind of injury that is allowing the blood vessels in his eye to protrude through the cornea which had to be dyed and examined. The injury can be fixed though it'll take three hundred dollars and six weeks. The other option is to let him go slowly blind in that eye over the course of perhaps several months. So, of course, we have no choice. Since we have the money, Doppie keeps his sight. That isn't a problem. The other problem happened when the vet opened Doppie's mouth to examine him and was appalled.

See, Doppie has very bad teeth. The last time we went to the vet, we were told that it wasn't worth it to work on his teeth as he has feline AIDS and the operation itself might provoke the kind of infection that would kill him. So, naturally, we followed the vet's orders and didn't have his teeth done. Well, this time, the vet all, like, "Well, he's a healthy cat" which he is, all fifteen and a half sweet pounds of him, "so, if you don't want the infection from his teeth to overcome his immune system and ultimately to cause him to have kidney problems which will kill him, you may as well have his teeth done and we'll just give him a heavy duty prescription for antibiotics to booster his immune system." Great. Four hundred dollars.

So, that's one hundred for yesterday's exam, staining the eye, oral antibiotics for before the procedure and topical antibiotics for the eye: $100 and change. The eye operation itself is $300 and change. The teeth are $400. Then there'll be follow up crap and so on and so forth.

Yep, he's the thousand dollar stray.

But, like I said, we have the money and Doppelganger is our responsibility, so he gets to keep his sight, his teeth, and, hopefully, his health, and we get barrels with straps on them to wear around instead of clothes.

Then we had to cheer ourselves up with nine dollars worth of coffee from St@rbluchs. We're so sad.

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