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MayFlower meltdown
Saturday, Feb. 16, 2002

Ugh. So, the Chinese dug a pit and covered it with leaves and called me up pretending that they needed me to find a way to transfer my measly $1500 into the chem stores account and so I had to go to the lab to talk to Zaphod and on my way there I fell into the pit and then they said they would only get me out if I promised to do experiments and I promised and they got me out and now I have to go to work three days a week. Waa.

So then I was at the lab yesterday when I got a call from MayFlower who I haven't heard from in a long time (even though we work in buildings that are accross the parking lot from each other and have classes that are in the actual buildings in which the other one of us works) and she was fighting with her husband who is a cop and works nights and who she had kept from sleeping all day because she hasn't yet realized that torturing is not a form of training especially in a man and so she called me to tell me about the fight while he was sitting right there which makes me crazy. So I was trying to...god, this story sucks and I hate myself for telling it, so...okay, so MF has been having problems--marital and otherwise--for a while. Seems that her husband, who I like, has decided that he is an autonomous being and not the mindless sugardaddy that he has been in the past. Of course, she hates this. They fight. All of this is compounded by the fact that there is a woman where he works who is singing her siren's song all the while ("I'm perfect...I won't nag you all the time...I'll give you foot rubs when you come home...I'll work for a living and not ask you to support me..." etc.) and its getting more and more difficult for him to resist, which is understandable because MF can be a real bitch sometimes and even a rotten woman sounds good in comparison to MF in the midst of a crisis. Anyway, Sophistica and I intervened last night and sent MF's husband off to get a couple of hours of sleep before he had to go out with a gun and try not to kill people who remind him of his wife.

[Historical info. necessary to what follows: So, on v-day, I received a call from MF that she had been going through her husbands things and found a note he had written to his cousin and also a gift from the Siren at his job. Bad news that she is searching his things because a) that makes her a pretty rotten little creature, and b) you absolutely cannot use the information gathered this way without revealing that you are a rotten person for having gained it this way in the first place.]

We went for Thai food. Sophistica is not one to suffer fools gladly and she cuts MF off when she must--something that I have trouble doing. MF makes the following statement about the latest fight with her husband: "He's being really mean to me because he's lying to me and I'm not calling him on it and that's making him angry." I asked, "Did he tell you that?" And she said that no, he hadn't. Soph suggested then that she not interpret his actions that way which made MF angry and so she got really quiet and then she started to cry and then she told Soph: "Well, I found a note he had written to his cousin that said he wished he had the balls to leave his wife before he screwed around on her." So Sophistica apologized and said that she hadn't known about the note, obviously, but that in the past the kind of misinterpretation MF was engaging in had caused problems. Then we took MF home and Soph asked if I had known about the note. I said yes, but that I hadn't known the contents, and we talked about how MF had used the note as a kind of weapon against Soph's criticizing her.

I really hate that MF did this, and although I feel sorry for her for being in a mess, I can't solve her mess.

retreat or surrender

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