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Saturday, Oct. 07, 2017

Tammy Cady · Lake Worth, Florida
As someone who has suffered from chronic depression for almost forty years, here's what I know: it is critically important to understand that chronic depression is not a failure of will, or strength, or courage. It is merely a medical condition that must be managed like any other. For some of us, the myth is that with the right therapist and the right meds, we'll turn into someone else entirely; someone peppy and bright and fun, and we'll be able to talk ourselves out of a low before we even know we're in one. This is a total lie for many of us. And it's completely unrealistic, no matter what the pharma companies tell you. You must begin to make distinctions between yourself and what the depression says about you. You learn to value the moments when you're really okay, and you're aware you are loved, and that you laugh and have fun, and you bank those moments because that is who you truly are, not the despair and the worthlessness and hopelessness that the depression insists is the real truth. Over time, you become familiar with and you can begin to accept that this chronic condition may be part of your life but you can begin to untangle yourself from believing that it is who you are, and instead, understand that you are just a human being with wonderful qualities who has been given an especially pestilential condition. Be persistent in training yourself to notice whatever little good that happens to you--the smell of autumn, the best bite of bread and butter, your pet wanting to cuddle, the sound of little kids laughing, whatever it is that gets straight through to your heart, no matter how tiny or silly, and you will find that with time, depression doesn't feel so much bigger and more true than you. It's just this thing your brain is doing. Please know that millions of us out here know exactly what you are dealing with, and we send all of our love, support, and hope your way. You may not ever completely beat it, but you definitely can tame it and manage it and be happy and at peace, anyway.

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